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About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association The South Indian Film Workers Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the south indian motion picture production Association.The terms for pay and wages for three years are accepted by all three parties.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers who are members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have been accorded priority to hire any of the people who are interested in being a member of the South Indian motion picture production Association.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films made at the cost of four crore rupees are a small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have the full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.


Only members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have agreed that members of the south indian motion picture production Association will work for Tamil films.


4.Producers can hire a product supervisor product manager / assistant product manager for image preparation to work only on film production.They should work on the condition that they do not work in any other film until the film is finished with the film.They may work without these conditions but accepted that it should be mentioned in the contract.


5.Production supervisor product image manager for film production is assumed to help deal with snow producers for filmmakers to work as a product manager.


6.The Tamil film production period is one year.The product duration of the release date is accepted to be paid on a proportional basis for the product manager and managers who work for the period extended by the mayor.


7.Producers Association Film Executives Association will not interfere with the issue of payments when it comes to production without contracting.However, the following wages were agreed to be given at the time of the contract.



Product Supervisor

_______ __________


If only working for a single film alone ₹90,000/-.


If there is only one film alone ₹92,000/-.


Based on a monthly pay for a movie ₹12,750/-.


Monthly if not for a single film alone ₹12,600/-.


Product Manager

_______ _______


If only working for a single film alone ₹90,000/-.


If there is only one film alone ₹68,000/-.


Based on monthly pay ₹10,500/-.


based on monthly pay ₹9,000/-.



Assistance product

__________ _______




If only working for a single film alone ₹63,000/-.


If only working for a single film alone ₹37,500/-.


Training Assistant Product Manager Month ₹5,000/-.


Based on monthly pay ₹9,500/-.


Based on monthly pay ₹8,300/-.



Day wages

___ _____


Product Supervisor ₹3,000/-.


Product Administrator / Assistant Product Manager ₹2,250/-.


Secondary Assistance Product Manager ₹1,000/-.


8.Whether or not the contract is for the product supervisor with the producer, the product executives have agreed that they should resolve their issues by themselves if they disagree with the product executives.


9.The amount of food will be served when traveling to the outdoors.Providing food in the outdoors and providing food for every day ₹ 300 / - to administrators and 250 / - assistant administrators.You can give these steps weekly or the entire date of filming.But it is accepted that the daily money is not paid.


10.More than one supervisor product executive assistant for a film product should be careful not to be too careful when signing a list of payroll taxes for inventory executives and workers for payroll taxes.They are responsible for paying the wages paid in the contract.It is accepted that the action will be taken on the reporters.


11.If the film is produced in multiple languages simultaneously, the executives should be paid one-third times.It only applies to big investment films. Accepted that it does not apply to small investment films.


12.Usually the product supervisor / product manager / assistant product manager and employer is sufficient for a film production.For a small investment film, a product executive may have been hired by a subsidiary product manager, and that the producer's decision is final.


13.Product supervisor/ product manager/ for the production of image preparation before the shooting begins, the product manager will prefer not to hinder the development of the producer's image to fill the space if the preferred product executives give priority to set up any member.The new product supervisor / product executive / assistant product manager is sure to sign a contract on wages.


14.Producers should make a payment by adding the product supervisor to the product supervisor as a supervisor product manager for the production of an image that has already been worked out by contract or more or after the change.In case of any problems, you have to bring a joint consultation committee. It is accepted that its decision is final and bilateral.


15.The Tamil Film Producers Association and the Common Counseling Association of Filmmakers also apply to the South Indian Film Managers' Association.These guidelines will be in force for three years from 31 to 2019. After that, the two sides should decide and decide.


16.With the Tamil language, the other South Indian language Telugu Telugu Kannada Malayalam is one of the languages which will be provided with an English language.


17.When Tamilnadu takes the Hindi language it will be considered as a second language and half an interview.


18.All three parties have to decide if any contradiction in the exemplary rules should be added.


Representatives of the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers Association and representatives of the South Indian Film Federation Federation and representatives of the South Indian Film Managers Association.

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