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About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association The South Indian Film Workers Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the south indian stunt director's and stunt artistes union Association.The terms for pay and wages for three years are accepted by all three parties.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers who are members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have been accorded priority to hire any of the people who are interested in being a member of the South Indian stunt director's and stunt artistes union Association.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films made at the cost of four crore rupees are a small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have the full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.


Only members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have agreed that members of the south indian stunt director's and stunt artistes union Association will work for Tamil films.


4.The stunt actors will be stunted by his assistant film stunts on the advice of the stunt director.


5.When the stunt director is in a fight scene or for all the fight scenes in the film, the producers need to make a deal with him, which is very important for his payments and how much fighting.It has been requested to include details of what the Contestant Special Logistics Requirements are.


Only one callcheet will be played on Saturday evening from 6am to 2pm.


5.a.The Producers Association of the Stunt Directors / Actors Association will not interfere with any issues that may affect any issues of work without any contract.If there is a problem with the wages, then the producer must pay the wages in the event of a contract that is not set aside.


5.b.In the absence of the contract, the stunt directorial award for a fight show was passed in Tamil Nadu with ₹26400/- and 27,000₹/- out of Tamil Nadu.


6.Stunt actors see wages


A quota of two cents for a fight has been decided in Tamil Nadu for ₹1970/- and ₹5050/- out of Tamil Nadu.


From the third day, the remuneration for additional calculation is ₹2485/- in Tamil Nadu and ₹2540/- outside Tamil Nadu has been accepted.


6.a.Each change stunt actor


With a two-quarters of a fight scene, the pay is estimated to be ₹5,400/- in Tamil Nadu and ₹1535/- outside Tamil Nadu.


The cost for additional calculation is estimated to be Rs 2710 / - in Tamil Nadu and ₹ 2770 / - out of Tamil Nadu.


It is accepted that the shooting of the shooting will take four hours and the wallet in Tamil Nadu ₹ 1355 / - and ₹ 1385/-.


The stunt show is taken by the producer of ₹ 100 / - in a fight scenario for the actress for medical care.


If the shooting is over for two hours or three hours at the end of the first day filming and the fight is over, you do not have to pay extra money.On the second day of the shooting, it is acceptable to have a 30-minute offer.


7.Only the assistant to the stunt director was accepted by the producer director and the stunt director to decide if one needed more than one assistant.


8.The calculation time is local but not out of twelve hours.


Calcite times


From 6am to 6pm


From 9am to 9pm


From 6pm to 6am


In the above mentioned calculation time, tea has been adopted as a commonly implanted procedure for snacks and food.


The stunt actors came in before the filming of the shooting and agreed to do makeup.


9.Local shoots will be given to each stunt actor ₹ 1035 / - if the shooting is canceled without shooting a shot even after two or two hours.Except for unexpected reasons, it was agreed that the shooting would be given to each other without giving a shirt to each other except ₹ 1035 /.


10.The stunt actress and producer may be involved in a separate fight scenario.But this pay was accepted that the stunt should not be shorter than the paid wage.


Special permits from 10 pm to 6pm night The government has sanctioned and police permission to apply for your local and external.


11.A fight scenes to shave In Tamil Nadu ₹3,435/- Outside Tamil Nadu ₹3,510/-


To paint the face a day in tamil nadu ₹858/- out of tamil nadu ₹878/-


A day painted all over the body in tamil nadu ₹1,221/- out of tamil nadu ₹1,249/-


These wages were accepted for the additional stunt actors.


12.No hassle-free horse riding, car, jeep, motor, cycling, road, river, mud, mud, sea etc.But stunts in the rain were accepted as an extra salary of ₹ 807 / - out of Tamil Nadu ₹ 785 / - in Tamil Nadu.


13.For each glass breaker, ₹ 6969 / in Tamil Nadu should get more than Rs 1878 / - out of Tamil Nadu.It is acceptable that these scenes can be used only with the smashing sugar glasses.


14.The producer of the stunt director's film for the jump-ups using the special film, motorcycle, scooter, luna, tvs50, car, jeep, auto rickshaw, bicycle was agreed to be negotiated.


15.In the scenes like fire burning in Tamilnadu ₹ 8712 / - Tamilnadu ₹ 8910 / - and the firearms are accepting other special arrangements to be adopted and the shooting of a doctor will be required to keep a doctor with appropriate medical supplies. Tatu.


16.Stunt Actor Stage Must present at least seven days after the list received from the Actor Association.However, if the bill is not delivered within 15 days, the producer should not touch the other stunts of that particular movie.Then the Federation of Workers Federation will take action.The two fighters agree that the next scene and the first scandal can not be shot without shooting if the field is either field or outside producers.Accepted that bill payments will be provided by the Stunt Union.


17.The following travels were accepted when traveling to the outside to shoot.


a.For a 24-hour visit to the stunt director ₹ 594 / -, ₹ 608 / -.


b.Stunt actor converters ₹594/-,₹608/-.


18.If the journey time is 24 hours a day, the first day is to be given ₹ 350 / - on the third day every day ₹ 435 /-.


19.If the shooting during the filming is to be given to the director and the actor, ₹ 170 / -.


20.The second class for stand-up actors on tours, accepted for the first-class ticket to stunt directors.


21.Stunt Director ₹ 465 / - for outdoor and local shootings will be awarded ₹ 330 / - for the stunt actor.It was agreed that this would be given one day, even if the shooting was going on for a whole day.


22.At any point in the production of the film producers, actors or other employees, the production of the film should not be restricted unless the producers are entitled to nominate them.There is no need to get any letter from those already working.But accepting agreements is essential when employing other people.


23.A fight-show is a fight-show but is accepted as a second scenario if the change of dress.


24.Members of the Fight Directors and Members of the Artists Association agreed to take care of their medical insurance fighters and fighters union while working in films.


  • Strictly the producers have decided that the first aid kit and ambulance should be arranged while filming the scenes.


  • When the Montezie Sequince was taking, the first Sequencas was the complete salary and the next Sequence was decided to be half a salary.When a Montez treatment takes place, a sequence is completed and the next Sequenz will be paid for half a kilts wage if the same artist works.But this sequence will pay a full salary for the work of a different artist.Sequencus does not change assistant.Even if they change it, they have concluded that they are half a salary.


  • Shooting at 10 am starts shooting at 6 am and it is accepted that only a quarterly salary will be paid.


  • The shoot will start at 9 am and will continue at 9 o'clock at night but will be paid half a quarterly salary for the next four hours.But the Extension calculation time only applies from the second day's shooting.


  • The producer and the stunt master of the movie will decide to negotiate a rental for other equipment like Pet and Rope.The producers' association of South India Film Directors and Stunt Actors Association.


  • The fighters are asked to put the extra amount of money on the day after the filming of the film and put it only after the producer's approval.


  • In the course of a single day Balance work is requested that each sequence should be paid only half of the cost.


25.Acknowledgments to the attendants who came to safety were accepted for a thousand to 1220 /- day.


26.It was accepted that there was no pay to dubbing.


27.Still 1 1/2 is paid for the actor if the shooting takes place simultaneously in more than one language, it is accepted that only a small investment film applies to big investment films only a salary.


28.On Sunday and on the declared holiday days, the shooting was accepted as per the general guidelines.


29.After the shooting of the Patchwork, the shooting of something like gloose changes, if it is in three or four fight scenes,.It was accepted that there was no single pay.


30.The Tamil Film Producers 'Association Filmmakers' Association has adopted general guidelines for South Indian Film Stunt and Stunt Actors Association.These terms will be in force for three years from 31 to 12 2009.After that, both parties have to decide.


31.Tamil language with other South Indian languages, Telugu Kannada Malayalam, is a language offered in Tamil language and only one language is provided for each language that is followed by half-sheet pay.


32.When you take Hindi with Tamil, it will be considered a second language and half a hood.


33.Although there are any contradictions, any three parties have to decide whether they want to add something new.



Representatives from the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers' Association and representatives of South Indian Film Workers Federation and representatives of the South Indian Film Stunt Directors and Stunt Actors Association are accepted.

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