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About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association The South Indian Film Workers Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the south indian cine & television costumers' Association.The terms for pay and wages for three years are accepted by all three parties.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers, who are members of the Tamil Film Producers Union, are a member of the South Indian Film Handicap Association and have agreed that they will be given a preference to work on their production image.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films made at the cost of four crore rupees are a small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have the full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.


4.Each producer must make a deal with each other when it hires a dresser for their image.Many of the alcoholics and his assistant will not continue in film production without a contract.


These contracts should only be available to assistants and wages during the war of war.


Only members of the Tamil Film Producers' Association are assumed that members of the South Indian Film Development Union will work in Tamil films.


5.The Producers Union and the Workers Union will not interfere with producers and professionals involved in negotiating if any problems with the contract continue to work without a contract.However, if the producer or the vendor complains about the inevitable occasion, the joint consultation committee will be settled. Its decision is final.





6.The wage is based on the contract and the producer will still have to submit the account before the date of the film.


The following wages are set aside when there are no contracts. The validity of these wages and the amount of work that has been settled has been accepted.


Wages to be paid in the absence of a contract:


Master Style Decorator,For mythology and history ₹2,00,000/-,For social pictures ₹71,000/-.



Assistants day wages:(history pictures)


first assistant county ₹1,550/-,In outstation ₹1,700/-.


second assistant county ₹1,550/-,in outstation ₹1,700/-.


third assistant county ₹1,450/-,in outstation ₹1,650/-.


Assistants day wages:(social pictures)


first assistant county ₹1,200/-,in outstation ₹1,300/-.


second assistant county ₹1,200/-,in outstation ₹1,300/-.


third assistant county ₹1,150/-,in outstation ₹1,250/-.


6 am to 6 pm A calcite salary will be paid.


A footing of a calculation will be given to the stadium at 9 am to 9 pm.


6 am to 10 pm One semi-calcite salary will be paid.


2 pm to 10 pm A Couch Salary will be paid.


10 pm to 6 am A call sheet will be paid.


Foreign shoots will be offered a one-hour interview and a two-bedroom payout in Asian countries.This does not apply to contract workers. It has also been decided to work without overseas while working overseas.


  • The chief Costumers' the salary in the contract.


  • If the chief Costumeer does not come in and send him a different Costumemer, then his salary must be given to the Chief Castee.He knows how many times he worked and has to pay off his salary.


  • Salary will be paid in the first assistant second assistant daily wages.


  • The song show will be paid on a daily basis for more people if needed.


  • 6 am to 6 pm A call sheet will be paid.


  • cdm to 10pm one-quarter callchat salary.


  • Half a shell fee will be paid for every four hours more than the calculation time.


  • All Sunday Sundays will be paid for half-sheet wages for minor investment films in Outdoor shooting. For a large number of films, a call sheet will be paid.


  • Producers have the right to use the exterior of the exterior. They will also be paid a salary fixed by the Producers Association.


  • Dressers who work at local and outdoors are not given any extra than a daily wage.


  • If the costume on the main costumer is filtered, the costumer has worked for how many days the salary has to be paid, instead of putting another chief costumer.


7.beta for transportation


In the local shooting, the assistants should provide transportation facilities for the mainstream warfare.When it does not, the producer will be given the amount of money that they have made to pay for what they have come to do.


Food snacks should be arranged for all the filmmakers. If it fails to do so, it has been agreed that the amount to be paid in accordance with the contract.


Approximately half an hour for non-contracting assistants to be accepted for 24 hours while traveling for outdoors.


₹ 400 / - will be given to travelers who work on contract basis when traveling to outside shooting.It has been agreed that if you come out of the house to the train station or to the airport and come out of the car,.


The amount to be read only for working days.The amount will be given by the manufacturer at the end of the week,.It is accepted that the money is not paid daily.


8.When alternate people work.


The dresser or assistants are paid for the substitute from the amount already mentioned in the contract when it is hired to leave the equivalent person in the workplace for some reason.It is accepted that the producer's approval is necessary to replace the alternative person.


9.If the workers stop at any stage of the work, the producers will prefer to replace him with a different professional / worker from the same club to prevent the progress of production of the film.It was accepted that the newly arrived artists would have to sign a contract on wages.


10.There is a dispute between the dresser's producers and the employer and the dresser must pay the wages of the worker who has already paid for the employer.If there is no solution to it, the decision will be finalized in the joint consultation committee and final decision.Both parties have agreed to be bound.


11.The Filmmakers Association of Tamil Film Producers Association has adopted this exemplary rule and also applies to the South Indian Film Style Dressers Association.

These terms will be in force for three years from 31 to 2019. After that, both parties have to decide.


12.If you have any language in Tamil, other  languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil language, then only one interview will be provided and each language will be provided with room callheet salary.


13.When you take Hindi with Tamil, it will be considered a second language and 1/2 Beta.


14.Even if there is any contradiction in the exemplary rules, all three parties must decide whether to add something new.


Representatives of the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers Association and representatives of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and representatives of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce are also accepted.

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