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About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association The South Indian Film Workers Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Executive Director of Tamil Nadu television dancers' and dance director's union Association.The terms for pay and wages for three years are accepted by all three parties.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers who are members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have been accorded priority to hire any of the people who are interested in being a member of the Tamil Nadu  television dancers' and dance director's union Association.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films made at the cost of four crore rupees are a small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have the full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.


Only members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have agreed that members of the Tamil Nadu  television dancers' and dance director's union Association will work for Tamil films.


4.Whenever the dancer is hired, his salary will also give him the amount of dancers he should work at.Must be sure to make a deal with the number of dancers needing to know how much assistant they need.


5.The Producers Association agrees to pay the amount specified in the contract and give it a full priority before the release date.


6.The Association of Dancers Association will not interfere with the contract unless it is signed.This contract is set by the thirty thousand dancers for a song in the absence of a contract if there is no contractual agreement with the contract.Both parties agree that if the producer has to pay the amount and pay the amount to the extent of the amount,.If the issue was not decided, it was agreed that the solution should be settled with the Federation.




The producer and dancer of the film will discuss and discuss how many dancers need a song.Afterwards, their clothing details were agreed and accepted by all parties to accept dance artists.



The dancers' pay is to come:




a.A day walkthrough and a three-day shoot for a song ₹ 6860 / -.


b.One day rehearsal and one day shooting ₹3430/-


c.₹2130/- for every additional work time.


d.₹1060/- for each additional rehearsal.


e.Assistant dancers ₹3400/-.


f.Beta ₹260/-.


In outstation


a.A day walkthrough and a three-day shoot for a song ₹7020/-.


b.One day rehearsal in Chennai and a shooting ₹4550/-.


c.₹2180/- for every additional work time.



d.₹1060/-for each additional rehearsal.


e.waiting fee ₹1200/-.


f.assistant dancers' ₹3400/-.


g.Beta ₹260/-.


h.travelling conveyance ₹530/-.




a.assistant payment 1day ₹6600/-.


b.dancers' salary 1day ₹4250/-.


c.assistant beta ₹520/-.


d.dancers' beta ₹520/-.


8.Dancers should make an hour before the shooting and dressing or dressing up.


Working hours

_______ _____

Locally / outdoors

_______   ________


From 6am to 6pm


From 9am to 9pm


From 6am to 2pm


From 10pm to 6pm


Day 2 to 10pm


When a song footage is taken at a calculation, it should be considered as a calcette if it is taken out of the stadium.


9.The eight-hour work during the night film is due to physical trauma.


10.When dancers travel to places like Nepal Kashmir Kulumalani, a ticket is Rs. 1350 / - per thousand ₹ 1200 / - for every additional 24 hour trip.Probably, it was accepted that food aviation was only offered during the flight.


11.Dancers are advised to travel to other places in North India, except for places like Nepal, Kashmir, ₹ 1100 / -.


12.Accepted to be awarded ₹ 4750 / day to the dancer when taking dance shows abroad.


13.The dancer's director should decide on the programmer aeron payroll in the group dance scene.The producer who approves the contract must sign the contract.Dance Directors Association Executives have confirmed that the Dance Directors and Dancers Association do not take any action on the dance program if the producer does not sign acknowledged.


14.The food snack breaks provided to all workers apply to them.


15.If the food break is not given, ₹ 110 / - is accepted as a wage.


16.The first three days calculation offer is applicable for 30 minutes.


17.Assistants should focus on filming so that they can not dance a collective dance at the dance scene and the assistant will pay only the assistant wage.


18.Special Dance Dance scenes will be given as full dancer payments as follows:


19.The dancers of dancers and dancers have to pay the helpers as soon as they are finished.


20.For some reason, if the dancer is not able to shoot completely in the same manner, the dancers who participated in the dancers should have been paid to the Dancers Association.The Dancers Association agrees to begin filming for the dance scene within 15 days but send the same dancers to the same number.If the film does not start within 15 days, the dancers will be compensated and the producers acknowledge that additional payments will be added when the shooting is started.


21.₹ 530 / - for travel and transportation for the outdoors trip.If dancing in or out of Chennai city, the dancers should provide transportation to the assistant.Or that the producers should be given the actual amount of money spent on it.


22.If the snacks are not arranged for breakfast, Rs. 75 / - per meal is accepted for Rs 150 / - per meal.


23.If you do not take a shirt for some reason, the first two days will not be paid, the producer's director and dancer should discuss.


24.Shooting abroad will be canceled but the waiting fee is ₹ 1200 / - for dancers.All other accommodation facilities were agreed to be provided.


25.After the rehearsal of the dance, the dance director could not come to the scene if the director of the dance director was assured that the director of the film had the right to film the dance sequences.


26.The producer will prefer the other dance choreographer or dancer from Tamil Nadu Film Dancers and Dance Directors Association to ensure that the development of the film's production will not be banned unless the dancers do not dance the dancer without the help of the producer.The alternate dance director and dancers were sure that they would have to agree on wages.


27.In doing so, the producer has been assured of calculating the amount of money they have already worked for.


28.However, the film's producer and directors have the right to play the role without a dance director assistant in song sequences.In case of any problem, the decision will be taken by the decision committee.


29.The General Directors Association of Tamil Film Producers' Association also comply with the Tamil Nadu Film Dancers and Dance Directors Association. These Terms will be in force for three years.After that, both parties have to decide.


30.After Tamil language, if the English language of the Telugu language is taken in Tamil with one of the Malayalam versions, only 1-Batta will be given to each of the next languages that will be given half a hectare.


31.When it comes to Hindi with Tamil, it will be washed out in a second language and half an interview.


32.All three parties have to decide if any contradiction in the exemplary rules should be added.


Representatives of the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers' Association and Representatives of South Indian Film Federation and representatives of Tamil Nadu Film Dancers and Dance Directors Association are accepted.

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