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South Indian Artistes Association (SIAA)

South Indian Artistes Association (SIAA)
  • Union Name : South Indian Artistes Association (SIAA)
  • Mobile Number : 09710438382
  • Email : name@email.com
  • Location : 1

About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association The South Indian Film Workers Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the south indian artiste  Association.The terms for pay and wages for three years are accepted by all three parties.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers who are members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have been accorded priority to hire any of the people who are interested in being a member of the South Indian artiste Association.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films made at the cost of four crore rupees are a small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have the full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.


Only members of the Tamil Film Producers Union are accepted by members of the South Indian artiste Society to work in Tamil films.


4.wages details


Audience A-grade County ₹525/- on the outskirts of ₹650/-.


Character with dialog county₹625/- on the outskirts ₹750/-.


Special Character Police Inspector / Advocate / Doctor County ₹ 650 / - Outside ₹ 775 / -.


Conveyance for local Apollo 60 kilometers / Width Night Stay ₹ 125 / -.


Additional bedtime day about 60 kilometers / walkout night stay ₹100/-.


local conveyance ₹100/-.


midnight shoot conveyance ₹125/-.


Riot hill short powder balm chad ₹120/-.


Blast in the chest ₹475/-.


Journey Beta ₹200/-.


ARO and assistant batta ₹750/-.


For costume costumes for the character ₹120/-.


5.shooting callshet timing


From 9am to 6pm


From 6am to 6pm


Only the films produced at the cost of the 4 crores of rupees will be accepted for the same cassette time that will be applied to other movies in accordance with the general guidelines.


6.If the local shooting time is over nine o'clock at night, 1/2 of the extra will be given.


7.These exemplary rules of the Tamil Film Producers' Association and the Film Workers Federation have applied to the South Indian Actress Association. These guidelines will be in force for three years from 31 to 2019. After that, both parties should decide to talk.


8.All three parties have to decide if any contradiction in the exemplary rules should be added.


Representatives of the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers' Association and representatives of the South Indian Association Association are accepted.

Union Achievements


  • SIAA aims to unite its members, nurture relationships, develop fraternity amongst its members and live and work in harmony with each other.
  • SIAA aims at representing solidarity of all its actor members with the rest of the world.
  • SIAA aims to promote and develop the actors as well as the film industry
  • To raise standards of South Indian films to a global level at global level of operations.
  • Conduct meetings, discussions and research as objectives of association to improve standards of operation in the film industry.
  • Protecting the rights of all members of the association.
  • Exploring for a fair resolution of the problems of union members.
  • Details of all the members of the association is collected and surveyed by the office of SIAA only after obtaining permission from the SIAA committee & members for the sake of administration.
  • Seek cooperation of the interests of individuals and pave a path to success.
  • Association aims to fulfill the needs of the state and federal governments submission requests.
  • Cross-check the revenues and ensure that assets are used only to fulfill the purposes specified in the rules of the Association.
  • Executive board will have a term of three years duly chosen by election.
  • Support operas, plays, theater festivals, dance performances, concerts, art shows stage shows, etc
  • Objectives of the association are still on the path of construction.


  • Actors involve themselves in solving problems that could benefit every member of the association.


  • Supporting and promoting the upcoming artists.


  • Supporting veteran & old artists who are are no longer able to function independently


  • Promote drama artists and their art


  • Flourishing artists to help in educating a child.


  • Assistance for medical expenses of the underprivileged actors.


  • Marriage assistance for artists’ children – SIAA to waive off further financial assistance fee


  • Lend helping hand and support to struggling performers.


  • Offer assistance to theatre groups


  • Fostering the art of initiating theater festivals.


  • Free housing for ailing theater artists.


  • Making recommendations to the state and federal government for pension payments to artists applicable to that category


  • Nominate for the state and the federal government awards.


  • Association also recommends movies of upcoming directors & producers to National Film Development Corporation of India for benefits.


  • The association seeks to help out not only the members of the cinema fraternity but also the society and social issues.


  • The statue of NSK is garlanded every day in T. Nagar, Chennai


  • Vidya Ganapathi Temple is installed in the premises of the Association.


  • A memorial of Shankaradas Swamigal has been erected in Pondicherry. Every year on November 13th the film fraternity pays its respects to this memorial. Priests conducts prayers in several places.

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