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About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce talks with the executives of the South Indian cinematographers Association.It was accepted by the three parties that the terms for pay and wages for the three-year period are the same.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers who are a member of the Tamil Film Producers' Association have accepted that any one of the members of the South Indian cinematographers Association will be given priority to hire a film.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films produced at the cost of four crore rupees are the small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.The producer's decision is final.


Members of the South Indian cinematographers Association only accepted the Tamil films with members of the Tamil Film Producers Association.


4.Cinematographer's producers must make a complete deal about works and help cinematics and his pay and his assistants pay for other work copies.


5.She has been asked to send her preferred cinematographer to herself to come in time for verification of grading image copies.Receipt from the cinematographer determined by the compensator for the replacement cameraman.There is no connection with the manufacturer.The producer of transportation and food will accept.


6.If the censor crew is to be photographed or unchanged by the audit crew during the film audit he and his assistants will have to perform the tasks.They should not claim any higher pay.


7.Assistant cinematographers have agreed to pay wages to the Tamil Film Producers by the South Indian Film Association.


8.No matter what the cinematographer does not send it to the contrary,.They want to continue for all the shootings.For this purpose, the product manager must submit a form for signature and submit it to the Cinematographer Association.


9.Producers union and assistant cinematographer do not interfere with the problems when they do not make contracts.But both agree that producer cinematics and his assistants should buy the wages below.


The whole picture:


Cinematography is the cinematographer -₹1,25,000/-


Operator Camera Man First Assistant -₹50,000/-


The second assistant -₹40,000/-


Third Assistant -₹30,000/-


Black-white films will be paid half of this amount.


10.If you are shooting at more than once in more than one language, you will have to pay 50% salary for each language in other languages.Tamil filmmakers are requested to give 50% more if it is taken in foreign languages.


11.When filming cinematographer for tactical scenes and special effects scenes, the cinematographer will discuss the mutual agreement and give him the right wage.The cinematographer's name is included in the title title of the film.


12.The cinematographer and his assistants prefer not to hinder the development of the film's production when the work does not work without notice. The producer will prefer the cinematographer's lamp to the South Indian Film Cinematographers Association.The alternative cinematographer has been accepted that his assistant must make a contract on wages.


13.Citizens Union and Producers Union will have to negotiate with the Federation to resolve the problems of cinematographer assistants who do not know the job.


14.If there is a contract, then the cinematographer and assistants who have settled will have to settle down if the pay and allowances are settled by consideration.The two organizations set out in the absence of the agreement have been accepted to pay the wages they consider to be paid in consideration.


15.If there is a problem between the two sides, the two associations should come together and meet with the federation.


16.A photographer or assistant must pay a compensator for the cinematographer to calculate how much they receive from each day when they send someone else with the right reasons.These changes are made by cinematographer and producer to their own clubs.The photographer must send a copy of his letter to the labor federation.


17.When 2 units are in operation, the cinematographer needs a second unit to cinematographer with the cinematographer and the salary should be approved by other letters.


18.The Common Exemplification Principles of the Filmmakers Association of Tamil Film Producers Association also apply to the South Indian Film Cinematographers Association.These Terms will be in force for three years. After that, the two sides should decide and decide.


19.Even if there is any contradiction to the new rules, the three parties should decide to talk.


Representatives of the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers Association and representatives of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and South Indian Film Cinematographers Association are accepted.

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