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About Union

Tamil Film Producers Association The South Indian Film Workers Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the south indian outdoor lightmen union Association.The terms for pay and wages for three years are accepted by all three parties.


The terms are as follows:


1.These exemplary rules only made for Tamil films.


2.Producers who are members of the Tamil Film Producers Union have been accorded priority to hire any of the people who are interested in being a member of the South Indian outdoor lightmen union Association.


3.The producer's association will decide whether the films made at the cost of four crore rupees are a small picture and the pictures taken in four crore rupees.The makers of small investment films have the full power to work with the workers and the necessary craft for their needs.


4.The light worker's task is to cater to the needs of cinematographers as they claim.You have to work smoothly with all the problems during the shooting.Other technicians work with tile and admit that it is necessary to complete the film everyday.


5.Members of the Film and Television External Light Staff Union are only accepted in Tamil films with members of the Tamil Film Producers Association.


6.Light employees acknowledge that the number of lightweight employees will change daily according to the number of cinematographers needed for filming. It is the duty of the employees to come up with a specific calculation time for the shooting site.


7.Local shooting is about 60 kilometers away in Chennai and surrounding areas where shooting sites are going to be shot in temples, roads, school colleges, bungalows, places.


8.Outdoor shooting is a nightmare for the rest of the day.


9.Working days timing:


Local shooting times


From 6am to 6pm


Day 2 to 10pm


From 6 pm to 2 pm


From 10pm to 6pm


Food break times are:


Day food is 1 hour to 2 hours


Dinner is 9pm to 10pm


Interval for breakfast is between 8 am to 8.30 pm


Breakfasts in the evening snack from 5.30 pm to 6 pm


Midnight snack break from 1pm to 1.30pm


> The director of the film has the right to keep these times for half an hour.For example, morning breakfast from 8 am to 8.30 pm can be changed from 8.30 am to 9 pm.Similarly, from 1 pm to 2 pm, you can change from 1.30 am to 2.30 pm.But this change has been loaded once per day.


For the first callshield of each shooting time, an extra one hour is available.But the nighttime calculation night is about 10 hours to 6 hours.


10.2 o'clock in the morning on Sundays will be considered Saturdays. Every month in the county is agreed to finish shooting on the second Sunday, ie Saturday night.


Local and outdoor shooting timings are:


From 6am to 6pm


Afternoon 2 pm to 10pm


From 6 pm to 2 pm


From 10pm to 6pm


10.When the film is on fire:


Local scenes are acceptable if the unit is notified before departure.


A half-paycheck wage will be given to the film where the shooting takes about two hours from the time of filming. After two hours, Rattan has accepted the full callheet pay.


Without a shot due to landslides in the outdoors shooting, the shooting will not be paid for one or two days without a call sheet. Then the producer and the unit involved agree to decide whether to interact.


11.Sunrise shooting:


In the ordinary days, a call sheet wage and twice a week wages on Sundays and holidays are required to participate in the sunrise shooting. The shooting of the shooting site is estimated to have a quarter foot wage on normal days and a quarter sheet payday on holidays.


12.Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, with a language, if it is filmed, it will be paid only a callheet salary.The shooting of two South Indian languages with Tamil language will be given as a 1-1 / 2 call sheet.

The shooting of Hindi with Hindi is accepted as a 1-1 / 2 call sheet.


13.It is accepted that more than one day ₹ 100 / - will be provided if the film takes place in cool areas like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Darjeeling, Shimla Kashmir, Kulumani, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


14.Shooting at 60 km or more from the city of Madras is agreed at 6 o'clock in the evening after the shooting or dinner.


15.Asked to prepare food for food or snacks, the producers were asked to provide them with food.


For breakfast ₹70/-


Evening and midnight snacks ₹50/-


For dinner in the afternoon ₹90/-


16.Wages and payments are to be written in the staff list of a staff association. The cinematographer checks the payroll list and the study product is accepted after the signing of the product manager.




For the first time in the county ₹850/-


For a calculation on the outside ₹900/-


It was agreed that the ₹ 100 / - rate for a worker as Light Man's charging would be added.People who take Rostum & Profeller have no extra pay. There are no additional pay for specialties.


18.These light worker wages are accepted to apply to all working light bulbs and employees for the crew.


19.Sunrise Callshade Time is 4 am to 9 am -1 Calcutta Salary. 2 Sundays will be provided if the shooting takes place on Sundays.


20.The shooting starts at 6 o'clock and ends at 6 o'clock in the evening and only a quarterly interview will be paid, and the aforesaid Union is up to 45 minutes for more time.If they continue to shoot, then the above association will only be able to work for more than an hour and overnight, and they will be given two call sheet wages and at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and at 10 o'clock at night, they will be given two calcite wages.The above association and the South Indian Film Workers Federation will be fully conscientious in consensus that any other union will not ask for two call sheet payments.


21.External filming will not only be a morning callout but will only pay a one-time pay.


22.The filmmakers and the South Indian Film Workers Forum will decide to discuss the film as a special film for the film,.


23.If the shooting starts at 2 pm on Saturday afternoon and ends at 6am on Sunday morning, the shooting will be given only two callheets. This applies to local and outdoor shooting.


24.The shooting will start at 10 am on Monday and end at 6am on Monday morning and the two parties will decide to pay the two calculation payments.


25.Both parties have decided that the two days of paid calculation will be paid if the shooting takes place on Sundays and Pepsi days local.


26.Both parties have decided that they will be given a 1-1 / 2 callheet payout if the filming takes place on Sundays only for Pepsi.


27.The government will start shooting at 10 pm on Saturday night and if the police are allowed to go on Sunday morning at 6 am, a callchat salary will be paid.


28.Both parties have been informed that the shooting will be held on Saturday morning at 6 o'clock in the morning until Sunday 2 am but only two calendar wages will be paid.


29.A call sheet will be paid if the shooting takes place at 10pm at 6am and starts at 6pm. On the next day the shooting is only acceptable on 2pm callshade on the two sides accepted only for the outdoors shooting.The government also grants permission for special permits and filming places where police permits only one callheet salary will apply to local and outdoor shooting.


30.Gray has only five people. But both sides agree to be wholeheartedly agreeing that a person must be in charge of the use of mini grants.


31.Both parties have agreed that the operator and the insurer will be given ₹ 100 / -.


32.The Washing Allowance has been approved by the Whitwood Break Hills Petra in public roads.


33.The Common Exemplary Rules for the Tamil Film Producers' Association and the Filmmakers Association are also applicable to the Film and Television Outdoor Light Staff Association. These terms should be in force for three years and then the two parties decide to speak.


34.If you take any language along with Tamil in Tamil and other South Indian languages like Telugu Kannada Malayalam, then only one interview will be given half the calculation of each language.


35.When India takes Tamil with Tamil, it will be considered as second language and semi interviews.


36.Although there are any contradictions, any three parties have to decide whether they want to add something new.


Representatives of the above-mentioned Tamil Film Producers Association, representatives of the South Indian Film Workers Federation and representatives of the Film and Television Outdoor Light Employees Union are accepted.


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